Reflections and insights learned from listening to and helping animals and their humans.

The lost cat who saved 24 lives!

I got a call the other day regarding a cat who had ran out of his home and had been missing for a few days. When I tuned into GG he described an area with a whitish small building, a not well maintained parking lot, and a busy street nearby. When I told that to

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end of life: how animal communication can help

One of the hardest parts of being an animal guardian is the end of life of our beloved companions. Whatever our animals are old or sick, it is always a heartbreak and it is often very hard to know if it is the right time to help them transition and whatever the answer is, how

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rituals with your animals

One of the first thing I learned when I started to study animal communication is how much we are impacting our animals with our energy. I had been doing energy work and massage with animals for many years and I knew the importance to be grounded and energetically strong when I did the sessions. But

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welcome to my blog

I am so glad you stopped by! Over my years as an animal communicator and energy healer, I gained insights and information about animals. I learned about their likes, dislikes, why they might behave one way or another and how they react to humans: the ones close to them and the others. Of course every animal has its

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