As I describe the miracle workings of Marie-Christine Lochot with my animals, I first have to tell you about her.

Kind, kind, kind…and clear…funny, funny, unbelievable spirit of helpfulness, a generosity of spirit, and a knowingness about animals that is so gentle, but so clear. In working with her, one is immediately put at ease and comforted…the kind of feeling you get when you are with someone who is an expert in their field.

I love my animals. I would not even let myself have the thought of letting go of an animal, but I felt pushed to the brink by my cat. While it pain me to say this, I doubt Arya (my cat) would still be with us, if it wasn’t for the help and support of Marie-Christine. Arya was peeing, repeatedly  in our house, unacceptable behavior in our home. I will also tell you, we had tried a lot of different things ( many consultations with the vet, behaviorists, changing physical things in the house, etc) ,but nothing was working.

Marie-Christine started working with both Arya (my cat) and with me.  There were a series of steps, where I felt like I really got to know Arya and her heart. I started to understand that she was trying to communicate with me. I have learned to recognize when my cat is trying to get my attention, and why. I got to really know my cat, and what was upsetting her.  I am delighted and amazed to say that the behavior has stopped.  Completely stopped.  Marie-Christine hung in there with me, with both of us, and kept me going through moments of frustration as we were trying to get to the hoped for results. 

To say I highly  recommend Marie-Christine is a huge  understatement. We feel so grateful and fortunate  to have her in our lives. She has made it so my animal and people family can operate in peace and harmony.  Call her. You will be personally enriched on so many levels, as will all of your animals.

                                                                                                                                AnnMarie G. Phd. ,Lawrence, KS 

Arya and her best pal Tenzin
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