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When I studied animal communication with Joan Ranquet at CWALU (Communication with All Life University) I took a live 3 days class called Death and Dying.  During that class, we learned how to hold space for our pet guardian clients, communicate with the animals ready to transition and after life. I don’t recall learning presence […]

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rituals with your animals

One of the first thing I learned when I started to study animal communication is how much we are impacting our animals with our energy. I had been doing energy work and massage with animals for many years and I knew the importance to be grounded and energetically strong when I did the sessions. But

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welcome to my blog

I am so glad you stopped by! Over my years as an animal communicator and energy healer, I gained insights and information about animals. I learned about their likes, dislikes, why they might behave one way or another and how they react to humans: the ones close to them and the others. Of course every animal has its

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