When I studied animal communication with Joan Ranquet at CWALU (Communication with All Life University) I took a live 3 days class called Death and Dying.  During that class, we learned how to hold space for our pet guardian clients, communicate with the animals ready to transition and after life. I don’t recall learning presence as deeply as I did during that class. 

This is a skill that I have been using many times with my clients and it has been has been a powerful tool to help them and their animal companions. Little did I know that this year I would be using it for myself.

My 15 years young Cannelle started early 2022 to show signs of kidney disease on top of her hyperthryroid. Between the western drugs and the energy work I was doing on her she was holding her own. Then suddenly she crashed and it became obvious that it was time to help her go to another realm. As I was sitting on the floor with her helping her transition I found myself being present in a way I had never experienced before. I was in it 150% riding the wave with her, completely enmeshed with her until finally, she reached the part where, free of her body, she moved on to the meadow. Was it less painful? No. Was it easier? No.  But it felt complete, we had a togetherness that I had not experienced with my previous cats when I had to let them go. 

Now I know what complete presence feels like and it was such a gift .

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