The lost cat who saved 24 lives!

I got a call the other day regarding a cat who had ran out of his home and had been missing for a few days. When I tuned into GG he described an area with a whitish small building, a not well maintained parking lot, and a busy street nearby. When I told that to his guardian Eric and one of his friends Sally they thought about an area not far from Eric’s home. They drove right away to the area. Unfortunately after looking everywhere in that location they did not find GG. But they found twenty cages outside holding malnourished and sickly cats. Thankfully Eric and Sally are experienced cat rescuers, they were able to contact the authorities and those twenty cats were saved and taken to a shelter where they are getting the care they need.

GG was still on the loose, so I communicated with him again. He sent me images of various yards; it felt that he was on the move. When I described the images to Eric and Sally they told me that one of the descriptions matched exactly the home where Eric and GG were living just a few months before. We started to wonder if GG was not returning to the home he knew best. I advised Eric and Sally to put flyers everywhere near the locations he kept describing and also in the area between the old home and the new home and to talk to as many people as possible. They spent hours doing that. Every time I communicated with GG he would describe locations that matched areas between the two homes, it always felt that he was not staying long at the same place. The previous landlord was alerted and food was left near his old home door, in case he would get there. I kept telling him to go home that his guardian was so sad and worried. I placed around him a bubble of light for protection in his travel and I hoped for the best. Eric and Sally got a bunch of phone calls regarding black cats but none of them was GG.

And then ten days after leaving GG came back in the middle night to his new home surprising us all. As you can imagine we were all so happy. And Eric and Sally got fabulous news about the cats that had been spotted during the search. The families who saw them adopted them: three black ones and even a calico.

Helping find a lost animal is probably one of the most difficult parts of being an animal communicator, happy endings don’t always happen. This time we got a wonderful happy ending. Not only GG came home unscathed. But by finding the first location that he had described to me, his humans saved twenty cats from a very dire situation. And because of all the lost cat flyers posted people paid attention to what was happening in their yards and now four more cats will be warm, safe, well nourished and loved this winter.

An animal being lost is always a tragic event, the world can be very dangerous for lost animals and I never take it lightly. By an example, I never think that the animal went on a “walk about”. There are plenty of reasons why animals get lost: they get curious, chase something or someone, get scared and run too far or they get injured etc… and then they cannot come home. I feel though that there is a little miracle in GG’s story in addition of him returning home safely. Maybe the Universe seized the opportunity to get some good out of GG being lost. What do you think?

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