rituals with your animals

One of the first thing I learned when I started to study animal communication is how much we are impacting our animals with our energy. I had been doing energy work and massage with animals for many years and I knew the importance to be grounded and energetically strong when I did the sessions. But I have to confess that I was not doing the same thing with my own cats.

I started to pay attention to my cat’s behavior when I was coming home and I quickly realized how disappointed and sad they looked when I was coming home preoccupied, on the phone or jumping right away on the computer. So I established rituals and gave them my full attention for at least 30 minutes as soon as I got home. When I do animal communication sessions I talk with people about the importance of rituals and I am always so happy when my communication helps them with establishing those rituals.

Now that I am home 95% of the time, there are no more coming home rituals but I realized that rituals and active presence were necessary even though I am with them all the time. The cats need my undivided attention a few times a day. For me it is: snuggles at least three times a day one at the time and maybe a group one, playing with favorite toys, brushing and talking with them. I also realized that my state of mind is impacting them; if I am stressed they look unnerved. Last night I had acid reflux, this morning they both threw up their breakfast, coincidence? I don’t think so.

So for me ,during this sheltering in place, rituals, quality time with them and good self care (meditation, Qigong, walks and some sun bathing) are in order so that they stay happy and healthy which in turn keeps me happy and healthy.

What about you? How is your life with your animals right now? Do you have any rituals?

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