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I had never worked with an animal communicator before and wasn’t sure how the process went, nor how it would work being long distance and done over the phone. Talking with her through emails and over the phone was easy. You felt welcomed, that she cared for your pet, and that you had her full attention. 

Marie-Christine truly connected with each of my five cats.  Over the course of three calls, she held a session for each kitty.  She was able to tell me things about each cat that no one else would know, from Myobi’s view of a food he couldn’t have due to his dietary restrictions, to insight into what was causing anxiety/sadness for Soriah.  I learned how my cats felt and saw things.  Long standing odd behaviors were explained and she was able to offer ways to correct them.  Atsushi had a life-long habit of being very vocal most of the time, and often throughout the night and early morning hours.  By learning this was due to him not feeling recognized as the top cat, we were able to reassure him that yes, indeed, he was the boss.  The first night showed a remarkable change, he is more quiet and clearly happier.  I am still amazed something so simple brought about such a positive change.  

Two of the three girls, one of which was recently rescued from being a stray, were having a hard time accepting each other.  Marie-Christine was able to explain why this was happening, and through subsequent Tapping Sessions, we worked on helping to address the issues.  Jonez has regained her self-confidence, and is beginning to play with and accept the newcomer as a housemate and potential friend. 

Cats have been a part of my life for over 35 years, and through Marie-Christine I learned valuable new things and simple ways to make my cats’ lives better.  By understanding how they think and communicate, I am able to help them be happier and to form an even deeper bond.  It has also encouraged me to change how I think, to keep the negative thoughts at the door and not bring them into the home, which has helped to bring a positive change to myself as well. 

I highly recommend Marie-Christine and feel she truly understands the pet she is working with, and has very good advice in helping to discover underlying concerns, and ways to make their lives better.   Even if you pet is overall happy and well rounded, she is able to provide an interesting and informative insight into how they feel. 

                                                                                                                      Renee E., Pottsville, PA

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