Meredith and Callie

I adopted an 11 year old cat, Meredith, from my sister and brought her home to try and introduce her to my 15 year old cat, Callie.  We did all of the right things for introductions but Meredith, who had been bullied in her previous home, was bent on a constant search and attack mission for Callie.

Meredith seemed to no longer trust other cats, and Callie was so frightened of her agressiveness.   Amazingly, Marie-Christine was able to communicate with both of them remotely from pictures (we live in Michigan).  At first she talked with Meredith and tried to reassure her that she did not need to be afraid of Callie.  But she also spoke with Callie and encouraged her to stand up for herself.  The day after she first spoke with Callie, Callie stood her ground and hissed at Meredith, who was so surprised that she stopped and retreated.  Slowly but surely they were able to be in the same room and now things are so much better.  Marie Christine is so gentle and loving and she clearly has very special skills to communicate with animals. We can’t thank her enough and recommend her very highly to help improve a cat to cat situation.

                                                                                                                                                Katrina C., Battle Creek, MI

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