Phenomenal!  Life saver!  When you have problems with a cat and you don’t know where to turn….Marie-Christine can help.

We were recovering a very feral cat in someone’s house.  Unbeknownst to the owner there was a hole in the wall of the recovery room and when the cat escaped from the trap it got in the hole and for a time we had no idea where the cat even was.  We searched everywhere and didn’t even know if the cat was still alive.  We set traps, we put food out, we removed boards from the ceiling and walls, and when hope was almost lost we begged Marie-Christine to try and communicate with this cat.  All she had was a picture of the cat and she knew nothing about the location or anything else about the cat.

She channeled her energy and tuned into this cat and was able to tell me that she could see the cat in an area of this house where there was a “brown, dirt floor and a cinderblock wall”.  That helped me identify that the cat was near the crawl space that had these characteristics.  So we removed the plasterboard wall on the outside of the crawl space and set a trap at the base of the opening. Marie-Christine advised us to get him greasy, street cat food to bait the trap with.  So we followed this advice and within 8 hours that cat was IN THE TRAP, SAFE AND SOUND!  Now he’s the most loving cat and is so grateful to his rescuers.  He’s up for adoption!

Without her insight and communication gifts, the cat would most likely have died inside the wall. I can never thank her enough.

                                                                                                                                                      Amber A, NJ, 7/23/18

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