Marie-Christine recently did a communication session with my 19 year old Maine Coon cat, Serendipity, who had terminal cancer. 

Upon Marie-Christine’s communication with her, she was able to determine that Serendipity ‘loved’ us, did not like her daily treatments (she clearly did not like them but was very tolerant of us), was very tired, was ready to ‘go’, and only wanted to snuggle with me. During her last night with us she did some unusual things for her.  Before the session Serendipity would stay on the second floor and not venture to the first.  However following the communication session, she came down to the first floor and even remained there. That evening she came up to me and pawed at my feet for attention, which is something she had never done before. I pulled her up against me where she snuggled up and remained there throughout the night. The next morning she peacefully passed away pressed up against me. Marie-Christine’s communicating with Serendipity helped to ease my anxiety, as well as Serendipity’s. She was spot on about Serendipity and has a wonderful gift with animals. I would not hesitate to ask her to communicate with any of my other cats or recommend her to others. 

                                                                                                                                                   Steve S., Verona, NJ

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