My 16 year old cat Tabitha has an open cancer at her belly. She’s losing weight and felt very tired and sick. Her appetite is still quite good and she has no pain, but I feel that she will got to the bridge soon. 

Couple of weeks ago I thought that she wanted to leave me, but I’m very sick on my own and wanted to wait for my daughter (who was not in Germany at this time) to go to the vet. So I had to wait until she would be back. Quite desesparated I told Marie-Christine about my tough and difficult situation. She asked if I would be fine if she would try to help Tabitha to feel a bit better until my daughter would be back. I send her pictures of my fur baby and she started to work on her mighty energy sessions. I’ve never thought that this will work. No other contact as via messenger and with sending actual pictures of Tabitha. But after two days already Tabitha felt better. Her mood was better and she started to walk around and check her garden and her environment again. Marie-Christine is working since about four weeks with Tabitha and I do have a different cat. Of course she will go to the bridge this year, but she has no pain so far and feels much better according to the circumstances.

The next step I will try is to Skype with her to work on Tabitha in personal and directly nd I can’t wait what will happen then. I’m just grateful for what she has done already and I know right now that her energy can overcome borders and long distances.

                                                                                                                    Christa-Marie P., Duisburg , Germany

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