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Websites 101

If you are starting a new business you need a website so the world can know about you and what you have to offer. My mission is to teach people how to build websites, without any coding, which are looking good, efficient, easy to maintain and to update to and most of all reflect who they are.

I have been building websites on WordPress for more than 20 years. I started because I needed a website for myself and did not want to use a typical website designer because of the cost but also because I wanted to be able to do updates right away and not be dependent on somebody else. I spent hours learning and making all kind of mistakes! But I have loved every minute of it. Since then  I have built websites for myself and for other people. I wish I had had some guidance when I started so I could have done it faster and with less costs.

I decided to teach a class after helping some friends build their own and hearing horror stories about bad hosts, web designers who disappear leaving a site unattended and still having control of the client’s site. I would like to share what I learned during the hundred hours I have learned and researched.

My goal is that after the class you will have all the tools you need to build a good looking website that you can maintain easily. To be efficient a website does not have to be complicated. I am hoping that along the way you will have fun learning.


The Basics

During that class you will learn: 

  • How to avoid beginner or half beginner mistakes.
  • Verbiage/meaning of terms used about websites.
  • What to prepare and work on before you build your site.
  • Various platforms where you can build your website . Comparison, pro and cons, and why it matters.
  • What to do once you build your website to have people visiting your site and no, the “build it and they will come” does not work for websites.
  • An overview of building a site on WordPress that I recommend.
  • You will receive a handout including a list of resources and you will  have access to the recording of the class .

The Lab

Two sessions of 3 hours on Zoom where you will:

  • Set up an account with a host.
  • Register your website name.
  • Set up WordPress.
  • Build your website frame.
  • Enter content and images.
  • You will  have access to the recording of the Lab .


The Basics: Saturday  August 12, 2023: 12PM to 3:30PM (EST) with a 30 minutes break  in the middle of the session.

The Lab #1: Saturday August 26, 2023: 12PM to 3:30PM (EST) with a 30 minutes break in the middle of the session.

The Lab#2: Saturday September 9th, 2023: 12PM to 3:30 PM (EST) with a 30 minutes break in the middle of the session.


The Basics: $ 195.00

The Lab #1 & 2: $250.00

The Basics + The Lab #1&2: $395.00

People who took my previous workshops can join the Lab#1 & 2 for $225.00

Are you ready to show the world what you have to offer?

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